Terms and conditions

1. Acceptance of these terms

These terms and conditions determine the rights and obligations of the parties in the course of using the site www.marrakech-palm-resort.com for booking rooms in guest house and Palm villas.

The site user Marrakech Palm Resort declares to have read and to have expressly agreed.

2. Benefits Marrakech Palm Resort

The site provides a booking service rooms in guest houses and Palm houses (villas, houses) with hotel service in the context of tourist trips to Morocco. This service is provided and managed by Tichka Development. Marrakech Palm Resort is a brand Tichka Development.

The company Tichka Development does not propose any way to its customers international transport to get to their resort.

The Customer remains solely responsible for the management of transport to afford to go to the rental place and travel documents and necessary for the health and travel insurance. The Customer must be in good standing with the local authorities for police formalities, customs and health. Useful information can be found on the following Internet sites: http://diplomatie.gouv.fr.

It is up to them to verify that their insurance policy covers the risks associated with taking a vacation rental in France or abroad.

3. Reservation

These Conditions and a Booking Confirmation is sent by email to the Client who completed validated electronically signed a reservation form on the site Marrakech Palm Resort and process the payment of the reservation according to the terms set out in the Conditions Reservation and the method of payment chosen by him (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard and bank transfer). Customer becomes irrevocably linked to the commitment of booking that just completed.

Maintaining the confirmation email and printing it, you have proof of your reservation with Tichka Development. Normally, all our products and services are available. However, if your order was exceptionally cross information on the availability of the service or product, we will contact you immediately (average of 24 hours) to get an against-proposal or offer you a new deadline for the requested product. If it does not satisfy you, we will proceed to the immediate repayment of sums already paid your reservation.

Tichka Development reserves the right to cancel or change a confirmed reservation and paid for prior to arrival. In this case Tichka Development reimburse all payments already paid stay or offers a solution in a category equal to or greater without changing prices on the same date or another date.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to read all the data on the site conditions Marrakech Palm Resort at its research room and validation of the reservation.

3.1. Booking cottages

The rental price announced on its website the price is fixed for the duration of the stay displayed. This price includes the use of the room and services mentioned included on the site. An indicative price can be given for the additional or optional services provided during the stay. These additional services will be charged according to their consumption by the customer, added to the final bill payable at the end of the stay or settled during the stay in the type of service concerned.

For all bookings confirmed and validated by the Customer Tichka Development proceed to debit the Customer’s account, the references have been provided by him, for a payment equal to a percentage of the booking price. The deposit amount is specified when booking in Booking Conditions attached to the site Marrakech Palm Resort.

The price does not include extras, tips, new taxes that would be imposed.

Pets are not allowed.

3.2. Booking cottages

The purchase price announced on its website the price is fixed for the duration of the stay displayed. This price includes the reception to the villa and the use of home and the services included mentioned on the site (hotel service luxury house staff and / or stove). An indicative price can be given for additional services or options offered during the stay. These additional services will be charged on the spot according to their consumption by the customer at the end of the stay or settled during the stay based on the type of service involved.

For all bookings confirmed and validated by the Customer Tichka Development, Tichka development will send the customer an email confirmation of your reservation. The booking confirmation will be requested upon arrival in Marrakech.

4. State of Play – Deposit stay exclusive villa

Concerning stays in exclusive villas, the Customer is local in the state where they are when it comes into enjoyment.

Whenever possible, an inventory and an inventory of the furniture are established and checked by the Client Representative Tichka Development at the keys to the Customer. An inventory of fixtures and furniture inventory will be established by the parties, out of contract at the return of the keys, in the same conditions.

The Client shall pay a deposit of € 2000 to ensure the fulfillment of its obligations under the lease of an exclusive villa. This deposit is taken in the form of a check presented at the guest’s arrival to the place of stay. It can also be taken as an authorization on your credit card by Tichka Client Development.

This deposit will be returned to the tenant no later than fifteen days after the end of the stay, the host reserves the right to deduct from the amount concerned the estimated repair any breakage and possible deterioration.If prior authorization on the crédit card, the amount due if the owner will be paid directly by Tichka Development on the credit card of the customer.

In case of breakage, damage or abnormal wear on the furniture, various objects or materials, the replacement cost will be charged to the customer. If damage to the property, garden or technical equipment, the cost of repairing his rehabilitation will be charged to the customer.

5. Payments by credit card

Payment by credit card proceeds from a secure link sent by email Tichka Development on reservation for the customer. The customer will from this link make payment to confirm the booking.

Standard technologies and concepts on our website:

Data encryption: When communicating online, information is exchanged according to several levels of security. The use of a system of keys and specific algorithms makes it impossible to decrypt the data transmitted. Upon payment, our site uses the most widely used and secure Internet encryption technology.

Code Verification Service (CVS): Payment by credit card is secured by the CVS process (CVV2 for Visa and MasterCard CVC2 for) which is to check the recorded in the back of the card cryptogram and that, for both local maps for international cards.

3D Secure: The platform Morocco Télécommerce used on our site uses the 3D Secure international system. This is an authentication of cardholders process using authentication mechanisms PIN, password or other.

This system was initiated by Visa as the Verified by Visa and MasterCard as the MasterCard SecureCode.

Any payment that is irregular, ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent for a reason attributable to the Customer will void the order to the customer’s expense, without prejudice to any civil or criminal action against him.

Any cancellation involves the application of a flat fee of € 30 charged by Tichka Customer Development.

6. Changes confirmed reservation

Any change of reservation confirmed by Tichka Development can be done on the initiative of the Client in a written form (email or fax) addressed to Tichka development in a reasonable time before the entry into rental period.

Tichka Development can not make any guarantees to the Customer’s satisfaction of his claim rebooking.

In the event that the request can be satisfied by Tichka Development, flat fee of rebooking € 30 will be charged to the Customer by TICHKA DEVELOPMENT. These costs this acceptance does not cover all other charges or penalties incurred or imposed by the owners of the villas and guest house and will be payable by the Customer.

7. Villas shown on the website Palm Resort Marrakech

Descriptions and photographs shown on the site Palm Resort Marrakech is presented in good faith.

However tichka Development assumes no responsibility for any changes to the location, nature, and the installation of the villa made since her visit and she would not have been informed by the owner and for the causes of the event of force major.

8. Use of Villas and B & Bs by Customer

The Customer expressly agrees to peacefully use of the property and / or the room available to him and go to the state in which he has received.

The villas and cottages in riad offered on the site Palm Resort Marrakech is exclusively for a residential use or Palm tourist resort. Any business or professional or prohibited by Moroccan laws is strictly prohibited activity at the place of residence and its surroundings throughout the stay including, in particular, receptions of any kind, film shoots and shooting sessions.

The Customer will be personally liable vis-à-vis Tichka Development and third of all harmful consequences caused by his own act and the people brought into the house or guest room.

The finding by a representative of Tichka development of any activity or behavior not in accordance with Moroccan law and these terms and conditions at the place of stay or adjacent to result in immediate cancellation of the contract without notice and without prejudice to the Customer and expulsion of the villa or guest room.

Tichka Development reserves the right to visit the villas at any time, the customer can not oppose it.

Tichka Development shall in no case and no way be responsible for any theft or damage to property of any criminal act or assault which the Customer may be the perpetrator or victim in the house or guest room.

The Customer may not assign the lease or sublet the unit.

9. Occupancy of a rental

Each room or property available to rent is characterized by a maximum number of persons permitted to occupy.

Unless otherwise agreed Tichka Development, the number of people expected may be exceeded and the provision of additional beds by the Customer is not allowed. Similarly, it is forbidden to set up tents on the property, have it park caravans or install any type of shelters or temporary housing.

10. Guests

Customers require to report Tichka Development or any person representing Tichka Development, all people they would invite to the day before their arrival. The full identity of the guests will be required and will be verified. Tichka Development or his representative shall be entitled to refuse entry to any guest without having to justify, even in the event that acceptance would have been obtained previously.

11. Taxes

The Client’s attention is drawn to the fact that some additional taxes may be imposed by local authorities (tourist tax, taxes, …) and are payable locally in addition to the cost of living. These additional fees, if they exist, are the responsibility of the Client.

12. Pool

Villas and guest houses available may have pools or ponds. Tichka Development draws particular attention to customers that the safety of these devices can be significantly less stringent than those in force in the country of habitual residence of the customer.

It is the sole responsibility of parents to supervise their children at all times and guard themselves drowning risk, regardless of the nature or the supposed effectiveness of the proposed villa equipment.

Tichka Development can not be held in any way responsible for accidents or personal injury, property damage or consequential damages of any person because of the presence of a swimming pool or other recreational or sports equipment including a steam room in one of the villas or proposed on the site Palm Resort Marrakech guest houses.

It is expressly forbidden to speak to customers on the technical facilities of the sports and recreational equipment. Only staff Tichka Development or their representatives are entitled.

13. Intellectual Property

The Customer is allowed to take pictures at the scene of the leased property but has no right of commercial exploitation and publication of these photos in any medium whatsoever.

14. Data Protection

Tichka Development undertakes not to disclose the personal information of its customers with the exception of information required for treatment, payment or cancellation of the booking with the Owner.

Tichka Development disclaims any responsibility for fraudulent use of data to its Clients Suppliers.

15. Applicable law

These Terms and stays will be made subject to Moroccan law. In case of dispute for an amicable solution should be a priority, sought. Unless the courts of Marrakech (Morocco) will have exclusive jurisdiction

In case of conflict between different versions of conditions of sale, which is the version available on the site Tichka Development prevail.
16. Imprint


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SARL with a capital of 200 000 DH – RCS MARRAKECH 46123

Tichka Development sarl has purchased liability insurance Professional in CNIA Saada.

The concept of civil liability (accident, fire, theft, etc. …..) varies according to the laws of the countries concerned, it is advisable for travelers to ensure individually by insurance covering risks associated with taking a vacation rental .